Why Blog?

Why Blog? - COMING SOON...

I have never been a writer (believe it or not!), I have always been more of a numbers man!  Not since my English GCSE (where I somehow fluked an A grade) have I written more than a handful of words.

It was after the four days in hospital that I suddenly had a light bulb moment about blogging.  I had weirdly enjoyed telling friends and family about the accident and my time in hospital but when I had retold the story 10, 15, 20 times it was starting to bore me…

So I thought it might be better if I just documented it in some sort of diary so at least I would be able to remember these crazy few days.  I started writing in a notebook and then noting down quotes and thoughts and suddenly my scribbles started looking like a rough blog.

I had only ever read two blogs before – my brother’s cycling blog (Saddle to Summit) and my wife’s friend Becky’s educational mummy blog (Educating Roversi).  Both really well written and fun to read with lots of photos.  Both a little infrequent if I’m being critical – I would love to see more, particularly from my bro who I now only see once a year, if that…

I started speaking to Becky (my bro was uncontactable somewhere on his bike in Eastern Europe…) about blogging.  She was so passionate about it and thought it would be a great idea for me.

Within minutes of chatting with her (via quite intense Whatsapp messaging!) I had started my blog… I couldn’t start with the serious stuff, that was too heavy and it was all a bit too soon after the accident for me to enjoy writing about it…

I wrote a 3,500 word essay about weeing in bottles (I know that sounds ridiculous!). It only took me a few hours and I really enjoyed it. I suddenly had the bug! Blogging was so much fun! Over the next few days I probably wrote another 10,000 words on all sorts of random stuff, generally about my time in Barnsley Hospital.

What made it even better is both Beckys (wife and friend) actually thought it was worth reading and quite funny in parts!

That was it… I knew I had to blog!  Even if no one read it I didn’t really care, the buzz was great.  And I knew that it would be fun to look back on fondly in years to come!

Within days Back on the Saddle was created and I was now a BLOGGER!

The blogs within this section will talk about my blogging story, how I did it and what I have learnt along the way…


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