Beating Boredom

Beating Boredom - COMING SOON...

Lying in bed, sitting on a sofa and being off work for six weeks isn’t actually as great as it sounds…

Boredom hit me almost instantaneously whilst in Barnsley hospital not helped by a lack of TV and wifi…

The things that have kept me entertained during this have been sport, TV box sets, films, gadgets (new & old) and betting & gaming!

I have also taken on the challenge of watching as many live sports as possible before returning to work… I have called this the LIVE SPORTS MARATHON!

Over the next few weeks I will be pulling together five (or more) league tables and blog posts of these Beating Boredom categories.

I hope you enjoy it… particularly if like me you have a few hours/days/weeks to kill!


Beating boredom league tables and reviews coming soon…


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